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And Salon Management App, Bodytude

Give your Beauty Salon / Spa / Health & Fitness business a digital makeover with Bodytude.

Instantly book your Spa and Salon Appointments with our Salon Booking App, Bodytude. Whether you’re looking for a Spa booking App or Salon Appointment App, we’ve got you covered.

Use our Salon Scheduling App to grab your customers who want to schedule, rebook, and manage their appointments in their own time. Our Salon and Spa Software is loaded with all the features you need to grow your business.


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Book Unlimited Appointments Online

Search nearby salon

Are you finding difficulty in finding a nearby salon? Our Salon Booking Software makes it easy. Find a nearby salon easily and on the go with just a few clicks.

Book more than one service

May it be any service, nail art, makeup, hairstyling, grooming, fitness, and wellness, book your service with Bodytude, your go-to Salon Scheduling App and Salon Booking Apps.

Conserve Your Time

Take your salon in your pocket. Managing a business is easy and hassle-free with our Salon and Spa Software, Bodytude.

It’s the Best Salon Appointment Software you’ve been waiting for.

Salon Booking System
Salon Scheduling Software

Turn Your Look into The “Stylist Talk”

From finding the right stylist to scheduling your sessions, our Salon Spa Software takes care of everything, making your beauty journey smooth and simple.

Seamless Payment Gateways

Bodytude has the integration of the main payment gateways. Have a safe and secure payment transaction for your beauty services now. 

Salon Management Software
Salon & Spa Software

Choose Your Beauty Product

Why go finding products anywhere? Buy all your suitable beauty products for you right from Bodytude.

Also, talk to experts before buying any beauty products and get the best tips. 

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Salon Management System
Business Analytics

Take Your Salon in Pocket

Managing a business is an easy, and hassle-free process with our Salon Booking App – Bodytude.

You can easily access, maintain and monitor your beauty, health & wellness business from anywhere, any time, right at your fingertips!

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